Can you imagine your life without your smart phone? Even if the answer is a negative, you should at least admit it is quite difficult. Well you are not the only one. And 87% of the people such as yourself are Android users. It is remarkable how the Android community grew with a pace that even the fancy iPhones could not match even though they were the market leaders in the past. ‘Love’ is a strong word for a technology, but the outstanding statistics only indicate that maybe people do in fact love Android. Here I present some reasons that make Android the market leader:

An Android here and an Android there:

Android mobile phones have simply flooded the market since its introduction in 2007. Android has a plethora of distributors around the globe including giants like Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, and Motorola. What makes Android even more available to the common man is its distribution from local companies such as Micromax and Qmobile located in India and Pakistan respectively. The prices of mobile phones running on this OS are remarkably low with features satisfying the needs of a multitude. Compared to the extravagantly lavish iPhones and iPads, Android smart phones provide somewhat similar facilities for an affordable price.


What separates Android from other operating systems especially iOS is the fact that Android provides customization. And this customization gives a user-friendly experience. What makes your mobile phone different from other phones is how much you can customize it make a phone your personal device. From wallpapers to keyboards to homes screens, there is so much that you can alter and get a sense of ownership. These features are a luxury for an iOS user which is ironic considering how much you pay for an iPhone. Here are 4 ways you can customize an Android phone that iOS is still unable to match:
• Bored with your home-screen? Install a third-party launcher
• Set a third-party default browser.
• Use a different app for messenger
• Create your own Custom ROM


So, what do you use for searching FIFA World Cup match results? That’s right: Google. Which is the most commonly used email service? Gmail; do you notice that ‘G’? And do not forget YouTube, which is also powered by Google by the way. This is how much Google influences your life. And the fact that all these Google services integrate naturally with your Android smart phone is just a cherry on top.

Advantages of Android App Development:

Fear not my fellow developers. We have a separate section for more advantages concerning Android app development mentioned. Here we go:

Want to earn some cash?

The availability of Android mobile phones is one reason why if one yearns to pursue a career in app development, Android OS is a lucrative option considering how dominated the market is by Android smart phones. What further assists a novice Android developer is the amount of support that the Android community provides in terms of availability of learning resources. Even web developers are failing to keep pace with the android development community with it comes to money-making. So, if you really want to learn Android app development and make some money, my advice is simple: go ahead!

Publishing an App on Play Store:

Publishing an application on the Google Play Store is as simple as it gets. You need to simply create an app upload the APK (Android Package) and pay a nominal fee of $25, and within a few hours your app will go live. This is a huge advantage when compared to iOS, its main competitor because you need to constantly pay a fee of $99 and submit the app for an assessment from real life human-beings which may get rejected. I admit that Apple’s approach has its advantages, but to a developer Android development suits the best.

Design Guidelines:

Android has categorically maintained how it wants its applications to be designed in its Material Design. The basic idea behind its design is by treating the User Interface elements as physical materials (paper specifically) and using cues like shadows, animations and the Z axis to communicate how the user should interact. There are more material and documentations that help create user interfaces that are more natural and typical.


This is not the world where businesses are merely transferring their services online; this is the world where these online services are shifting inside that little device that you call your smart phone. Which is a huge reason why web development companies are gradually going down. Hence as developers we must focus more on mobile application development to cope up with this fast-changing world.