I am sure any developer particularly web developers will agree with me that they must have encountered various obstacles when learning development all by themselves that if someone had been there to guide them their lives would have been much easier. Well I seek to already inform you guys with 5 most common mistakes that any web development agency would want to avoid. Here we go:


While it is not the most technical advice that you would expect, it is, however, the most valuable one. Frustration is a part of any programmer’s daily life; it just cannot be avoided because it is a necessary part of it. It requires great attention to detail and even then, you may make a very unnoticeable mistake that may cost you hours. The key to get through this is simple; do not lose your cool. Be patient and let the mistake be noticed naturally. One misconception is that programming is going to be easy, which like every other skill is not. It takes long hours of sitting and awkwardly staring at the code that eventually enable you to become a skilled developer. Learn to enjoy this frustration and innovate methods in order to keep you calm when thinking about a logical problem.
Which tool to use?
I am sure as a fellow programmer you must be constantly tempted to use different and novel software. This is one huge concern with app development in Karachi. We in Karachi do not have many guides in our journey of application development hence we must rely on online resources. However, these resources are specifically for the international market and we may be spending time building a skill that may not be as lucrative in Karachi as one might have thought. Right now, you may be interested in Laravel or Django and in this important time you may be sitting and thinking without actually starting to do something. It is better to not get involved in this debate and focus on a particular framework. A superficial research about which is the better technology should do just fine initially. To quote Shia Labeouf, “Just Do It!”
Can you implement what you have learnt?
You may find it very easy to explain and analyze football especially nowadays because of the World Cup. No Waqas, Real Madrid is not playing in the World Cup; Shut up. But it is very difficult to actually play it out on the field. The same goes with coding. Basic coding algorithms are intuitive and hence simple to explain. However, when one has to translate that logic into JavaScript syntax, that is where he starts to scratch his head. You could abandon programming and deem it impossible to be learnt or you can actually make an effort and practice just like you would do with football. Make yourself a better player and eventually controlling the ball would not be much of a challenge to you.

Understanding Basic Programming Paradigms:

Anyone who needs to learn how to code must first understand programming at a philosophical level. You do not have to be Socrates to understand them so do not worry. However, it is essential to understand how something works in order to make use if its functionality. So, let us go to the “1+1” of programming.
• Breaking down problems into sub-problems
• Object-Oriented Programming
• Repetitive coding
• Procedural Programming
• Encapsulation
Try to understand the underlying paradigm that programming is built on and learning a programming language will not feel like much of an effort.

Overwhelming Resources:

It is tough to look at the bigger picture once you have to consult an overwhelming amount of material. It is hence a necessity to first understand how each concept fits, like a complex puzzle. What you can do is first learn how to consult these valuable resources. When facing a logical problem that we have been frustratingly thinking about for hours, the solution seems tempting. This is where you need to learn some self-control and try to avoid looking at the solution. However, we are only human and sometimes we just cannot resist. That is where meta-cognition comes in handy. Before focusing on to the next challenge try rethink over that problem once again. Try to understand the syntax and the difference in both approaches. This is an inevitable part of being a programmer even if you are a part of a web agency.